Breeding Advisory / Testing your Border for SLEM

The club recommends all Border Terriers should be tested priory to mating to check their status in terms of the gene that causes SLEM / Shaking Puppy Syndrome.

Spongiform LeucoEncephaloMyelopathy (SLEM), sometimes referred to as Shaking puppy syndrome, affects the puppies from the time they begin to support weight and attempt to walk.

Border Terriers affected by SLEM show severe tremors predominately in the hind limbs, this creates a side to side shaking.

The link below takes you to the Animal Health Trust web site where you can purchase the test kit.

Animal Health Trust

Dogs carrying this mutation can be breed from safely to avoid producing affected puppies. Carriers of the mutation should be mated to dogs that have a clear result; such a mating will not produce any puppies affected with SLEM

On average, 50% of such a litter will be clear and 50% carriers; there can be no affected dogs produced from such a mating. Please note these percentages apply to a statistically significant number of puppies. The distribution does vary from litter to litter.

Pups which will be used for breeding can themselves be DNA tested to determine whether they are clear or carriers of SLEM.